​Write Your Own Direction

We start where students are--with that essay that's due in two days; with the biography that's due next week; with the short response to that novel; with the term paper; with personal reflections and the like. We support them in forming their voices such that a teacher or professor can literally recognize your child through his or her writing style.

Our students are paired with coaches who give them the room to grow and develop their unique writers’ voices in an engaging, nonjudgmental environment where creativity and personal experience are encouraged and explored. 

We also work with teachers and professors to create a dialogue about your child's writing skills, so that a team of supportive writing coaching is developed and nurtured.

We excel in supporting the development of the voices of students, urging them to draw on their passions in the pursuit of excellent writing, a deeper understanding of the self, and a more confident outlook on life.

About Us

Confidence + Creativity = Excellence.

inspiration is everywhere

Our coaching philosophy is built on creating a highly personalized experience for our students. Whether we are working with students on a research paper, a personal essay or a resume sample, sessions are crafted individually so that your child gets the most out of each session and is able to develop his or her voice in a comfortable, relatable setting such as a library or in your home with a supervised parent or guardian.

we make writing fun

Confidence in Many Kinds of Writing


Our coaches work with students on assignments and projects--short and long-form essays, research papers, personal statements, academic writing, response papers, professional emails, business writing, resume writing, etc.--that they will encounter throughout their academic, professional, and personal lives.