Focuses on the acquisition of skills pertaining to developing the student’s individual writer’s voice, with an eye towards filtering current assignments through a personal lens. This level includes the tool of self-editing, research, the art of the quotation, etc., and a greater emphasis is placed on applying a student's individual voice when approaching a writing assignment. This level draws from Level I coaching methods when appropriate.


Includes elements from Levels 1 and 2 when appropriate, with a laser focus on refining a students’ individual writers voices through practice of diverse writing styles. This level includes mini-assignments to coach students to recognize and respond to diverse writing assignments with skill, alacrity and speed. Students are challenged to become autonomous writers at the professional level.


Includes themes corresponding to grammar and sentence construction, selection and elucidation of theses, the personal essay, vocabulary enhancement, idea articulation, and beginning the exploration of the student’s individual writer’s voice with respect to current school assignments, as well as general application in life.

With our personalized and flexible program, Scribe is the smart option for students who work best within the framework of individualized coaching, with coaching sessions scheduled around students’ availability, to fit their personal needs, their learning style, and their learning speed.

We offer pay-per-session hour individual coaching, with a 20% discount if sessions are bought as part of a package. We do not require contracts, and the first coaching session is complementary.

Sessions can be canceled and rescheduled without penalty with at least 24 hours' notice.

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